Timeless Riding

After its re-birth F.B Mondial is on the right way to become a leading manufacturer again. The incredible success of HPS 125 and HPS 300 models between 2015 and 2018 has driven the brand directly to the launch of the Sport Classic 2019, all this on the eve of the 70 years anniversary from the first world champion won by F.B Mondial with Nello Pagani (whom the motorcycle is named after) as pilot.

With the Sport Classic the brand aims to finish to establish itself in Europe and to continue the conquest of Asia, already started with China, South Korea and Japan.

Always with the future in mind, the company has already displayed its next model: the FLAT TRACK. This model, like the Sport Classic, uses the same technical basis of the HPS and will complete the family in 2020. A lot more still to come, great things to discover with incredible news for the brand and its followers.


times rider’s world champion
times manufacturer’s world champion
times winner in 125 GP
times winner in 250 GP

A winning history

Birth of the first F.B Mondial, equipped with a double shaft engine, unique 4 strokes in 125cc capacity. The bike did perfectly match the desire of count Giuseppe Boselli, a gentleman driver with GD and CM, who did favor lightness and agility on his motorcycles. Luigi Cavanna establishes the speed world record for km and miles (both standstill and launched start).


Nello Pagani wins his first 125cc world championship in Ostenda. Cavanna beats his previous records, touching 160 km/h average.


Bruno Ruffo wins the 125cc world championship in front of his teammates Gianni Leoni (2nd) and Carlo Ubbiali (3rd).  Start of production for 125 Turismo, Sport and Supersport. The Corsa model is created and made available for private riders.


Carlo Ubbiali wins his first 125cc world championship in front of his teammates Gianni Leoni and C Mc Candless. Start of production for 200 model and 160 2 strokes model.


Start of production of Sogno with a 160cc engine.


With the new single shaft 175, Remo Venturi wins the Milano-Taranto, in front of Favillini e Maranghi on the 175 F.B Mondial, beating also 500cc motorcycles. The Mondialino, a 49cc 2 gears, is launched.


Tarquinio Provini wins the 250cc category at the Shell Golden Cup with a tuned up 175 engine: the first step towards a 250cc. Start of production of 175 TV, a single shaft engine with chain, designed by engineer Prampolini.


Emilio Ostorero wins the Motocross Italian championship. Start of production of 125 Champion, with over head valve, which will be the F.B Mondial best seller.


The golden year. Tarquinio Provini wins the 125cc world championship, in front of Ubbiali’s and Taveri’s MV. Cecil Sandford wins the 250cc World championship in front of the F.B Mondial of Provini (2nd) and Miller (3rd).


Giuseppe Boselli leaves the company for health reasons and his nephew Massimo takes his place. He will focus the brand on the production of beautiful 50cc and Cross 125cc with Sachs engines.


It’s time for a 1000cc motorcycle: the Piega with Honda VTR sp1 engine.


Count Pierluigi Boselli, owner of the brand, and Cesare Galli, CEO of Pelpi International begin to design the first sketches which will give life to the HPS.


Re-birth of F.B Mondial with the launch of HPS 125 at EICMA 2015.


Worldwide launch of HPS 300.


Following the original steps of the brand and to meet the demands of today markets F.B Mondial launches the Sport Classic.